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In 2001, Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in conjunction with Socrates Academy, set out to change the way our children learn by introducing a values-based education.
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The founders wanted to create a place where children can start to forge their morals and values while learning the truths of Jesus Christ. In 2006, St. Sava Academy became an independent Serbian Orthodox parochial school. Our Eastern Orthodox Christian biblical perspective, coupled with a dual language (Serbian & Russian) program, offer our students an invaluable education, transferable language skills, as well as all the tools to help navigate our faith.

During the past two years, the Academy has seen unprecedented draw from parishioners and community members alike. Increasingly, families are in need of a safe and supportive environment that teaches self-discipline, while holding an incarnational view of the world with a rigorous curriculum. Students of the Academy enjoy everyday faith, Divine Liturgies, faithful friends, heavy parental involvement, and small class sizes. Our Serbian roots, heritage and culture live in every child through our focus on language, history, and tradition.

St. Sava Academy has accepted this responsibility and is committed to meeting the needs of our community. Often the primitive years of a student's life are overlooked. We believe that the standard of education at the grass root level is critical to child development. It is not uncommon to hear your child, throughout daily activities, reciting a Serbian epic poem or sing a song about our enlightener and namesake St. Sava. Studies suggest that bilingual children retain cognitive advantages and are endowed with objectivity and mental sharpness.
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